The Breed Standards for the Lusitano horse, as defined by the APSL, are as follows:
  1. TYPE Middleweight (around 500kg) Average build; subconvex profiles (of rounded shape), with a silhouette which can be fitted into a square.
  2. HEIGHT measured at the withers with a stick, at six years old:
    Average height: Females 1.55m (~15hh 1in); Males 1.6m (~16hh)
  3. COAT The most appreciated and esteemed are all shades of grey and bay.
  4. TEMPERAMENT Noble, generous and ardent, but always gentle and submissive.
  5. MOVEMENTS Agile and elevated, forward-projected, smooth and very comfortable for the rider.
  6. APTITUDE A natural predisposition for collected work, and the exercises of Haute-École, great courage and enthusiasm for the "Gineta" exercises (combat, hunting, bullfighting, cattle-herding etc).
  7. HEAD Well proportioned, of medium length, dry and not fleshy. The cheek-bone not pronounced and the lower jaw relatively long. The nasal profile lightly sub-convex, forehead rounded above the eyebrows, eyes elliptical and almond shaped, large and lively, expressive and confident. The ears are of moderate length, fine, narrow and expressive.
  8. NECK Of medium length, arched and with a narrow crest: the junction between neck and head is narrow and fine. The base of the neck is large and inserted smoothly into the shoulders; the neck rises from the withers smoothly with no noticeable depression.
  9. WITHER Well defined and long, forming a smooth transition between back and neck; always higher than the croup. In stallions, heavily muscled but still clearly demarcated.
  10. CHEST Of medium size, deep and muscular.
  11. RIBCAGE Well developed, large and deep, ribs lightly arched, joined at an angle to the backbone to form a short and full flank.
  12. SHOULDER Long, well sloped and muscular.
  13. BACK Well defined with a tendency to be horizontal, making a smooth transition between wither and loin.
  14. LOIN Short, wide and muscular, lightly convex, well connected with the back and croup with which it forms a continuous, harmonious line.
  15. CROUP Strong and rounded, well proportioned, gently sloping. Of equal length and width, and convex outline and harmonious, the point of hip relatively unobtrusive, giving the croup a transverse section of elliptical shape. The tail arises on the same slope and curvature as the croup, with abundant long, soft hair.
  16. LEGS The upper arm is well muscled and harmoniously inclined. The forearm is upright and muscular; the knee large and dry; the canon dry and somewhat long, with the tendons clearly defined; fetlocks dry and rather large with hardly any feather; pasterns long and sloping; hooves sound and of good shape and proportions. The buttocks are short and convex; the thigh muscular and tending to be short and so placed that the stifle is vertically beneath the point of hip. The gaskin is of a length to place the hock vertically beneath the point of buttock; the hock is large, strong and dry, below which the description is as for the forelegs. The hind legs present a picture of relatively closed angles.

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